Car trash bag-petitbag® Green

PACK 5 petitbag® - First small bag to collect waste car. 8 COLORS CHOICE.

Useful and ecological.
Fits on all gear levers. Customizable - Washable at 30 ° - Reusable - Recyclable.

It keeps your car clean and protects the environment.

Material: non-woven fabrics High Quality (HQ TNT). Recycled polypropylene.

Product size: Width 17 cm - Height 26,5 cm.

Weight : 4 grams

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petitbag® : First small bag for collecting waste in your car

Real communication tool for your brand.

petitbag Customizable - Washable at 30 ° - Reusable - Recyclable

Customizable - Washable at 30 ° - Reusable - Recyclable

petitbag in color

petitbag in car

irst ... I filled petitbag ® waste .

Then .. I empty its contents petitbag® by sorting the waste into appropriate waste disposal container.

And ...  I reuse petitbag ® and situated on the shift lever .


The advantages of petitbag®


petitbag® is the first reusable waste collection bag for car.


It keeps your car clean and helps preserve the environment.


petitbag® settles everywhere and  on all gear levers    .


customizable , reusable, washable and  recyclable !


Real communication tool because petitbag® is a great way to circulate your brand at the heart of the city.


petitbag® is useful, practical, eco-friendly and in 18 color !



2 solutions to meet you:


- Petitbag ® WITHOUT marking.
- Petitbag ® WITH personalization


In addition to being environmentally responsible , the recyclable bag for car is also a commercial product! Indeed, it is possible to personalize it with the logo of a company or association ! By customizing the petitbag bag, so companies are certain to remain in the minds of its consumers during the time they use their cars!


We offer you the best printing choice : transfer, screen printing, neutral product, Photolithography

Choose the color of your petitbag:

Choose the color of your petitbag


Marking surface - petitbag

Other information see : petitbag concept


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