• Butterlfy Magicflyer pack Standard
  • Butterlfy Magicflyer pack personalised
  • Butterlfy Magicflyer pack personalised
  • Magicflyer Pack Standard
  • petitbag first little bag for collecting rubbish in your car. Communication tool for your brand !
  • First small bag for collecting rubbish in your car - car trash bag
  • Carte et papillon volant assorti
  • The Magic Heart and its relase of  magic butterflies

The butterfly Magicflyer

Butterfly effect guaranteed!

New: The Magic Heart and its release of Magic Butterflies...

Weddings exits, Parties, Birthdays, Special Events....

The Magic Butterfly is an exceptional event product!

The Magic Butterfly flies away from your cards, mailings, invitations, documentations, brochures and makes your message unforgettable !

For private and/or profesional use