Pack 5 Butterfly New White-Silver Metal

Pack 5 Butterflies White-Silver Metal Fr 15.00 pce

Chic and luxurious Butterfly


The Flying Butterfly® can be used by numerous times

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The incredible Butterfly Magic Flyer® flies out of your cards,  gifts, invitations, wedding invitations, birth announcements and much more….

For any occasions, create the butterfly effect ! Bring magic to your correspondence by inserting a flying butterfly in your mail. Magic Flyer for a party, a birthday or any celebration. It's the butterfly effect ! Place one or more wound up butterflies inside a booklet. Magic butterfly  can fly away from many different supports and create happy emotions and surprises.

The flying Butterfly is playful to manipulate and everybody wants to fly it !


Magic Butterfly

Dimensions of the butterfly: 10cm x 9cm
Weight/unit: 1,2g

Magic Butterfly made of a metal body, a rubber band and resistant wings multicolor offset printing paper. The butterfly can be used many times....


1. the card and the Butterfly are customizable - to see under "Butterfly MagicFlyer Marketing Concept"

Festina and Jenapharm wit MagicFlyer

2. Personalized double card with 1 flying Standard Butterfly to see under "Butterfly MagicFlyer Marketing Concept"

Pack Mailing Standard Magic Flyer

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